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Say Goodbye To Tired, Dull Skin From Our ThreeForMe Laser Treatment In Fanwood, NJ!

As we grow up, we usually notice an increase in the dark spots, redness, and wrinkles on our faces and necks. Aging, sun exposure, and genetics are the reason behind this.

PA Aesthetics has an ideal solution for treating all these problems in a single visit in Fanwood, NJ! Our med spa special ThreeForMe laser treatment is safe and effective for all these issues. The process takes only 30 minutes to achieve the most outstanding results and therefore, it fits well in your busy schedule.

You’ll see a change after only one laser rejuvenation treatment, and the results will continue to improve. Our ThreeForMe therapy is the world’s first pulsed light therapy. It uses an FDA-authorized melanin sensor to safely adapt each patient’s treatment as per their skin type, lifestyle, ethnicity, and sun exposure.

Say goodbye to tired, dull skin, and welcome a more vibrant, youthful you! It’s as simple as one, two, and ThreeForMe. To learn more, contact our PA Aesthetics in Fanwood, NJ now!

What Is ThreeForMe Laser Treatment?

Every year beyond 30, we lose 1% of our collagen. Sun exposure, on the other hand, accounts for 80% of wrinkles. ThreeForMe is a scientifically proven laser rejuvenation treatment that combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser technology to solve skin concerns in one session. This is quite popular in and around areas in NJ

Sun damage such as freckles, brown spots or age spots, melasma, and unattractive veins such as burst blood vessels, port-wine stains, facial veins, spider veins, angioma, and rosacea are treated by IPL

We also offer fine line treatment, laser vein removal, wrinkle treatment, acne scar removal, sculpting, stretch mark removal, micro-needling, skin revitalization, and other surface flaw treatment.

Step-By-Step Process For Our ThreeForMe Laser Treatment

1) Before Treatment

A consultation with a competent doctor at PA Aesthetics is the initial step in body contouring therapy in Union County.

Although the treatment is safe for most skin types and may address typical aging and sun-related skin issues, our medical practitioner in NJ will assess your suitability for the body contouring procedure based on several criteria.

Our med spa therapists in Union County will address any concerns or questions you may have and will design a treatment plan that is tailored to your aesthetic objectives, time frame, and budget.

2) During Treatment

Most individuals experience just a little pain, comparable to breaking a rubber band, along with mild heat in the body sculpting treatment region.

Our medical professionals may utilize palliative measures such as topical numbing lotions or cooling gel packs to improve your experience and reduce the pain. Similar to moderate sunburn, minor redness and swelling is normal and should go away in a few days.

3) Post Treatment

A combination of warm sculpting treatments enhances skin pigmentation, redness, and texture of the face, especially the regions around the lips and eyes, as well as the cheeks and upper lips. During and after the sessions, you will notice an improvement in your skin, with apparent benefits after each treatment.

You may see effects in facial veins and a darkening of brown patches soon after treatment. These spots will peel off after one to three weeks, revealing a bright complexion. Over the following six months, you will see a gradual skin revitalization in any fine lines, wrinkles, or scars as your skin naturally reacts to the therapy.

What Can You Expect From ThreeForMe Laser Treatment At PA Aesthetics?

Most individuals experience relatively less pain during the ThreeForMe laser rejuvenation treatment. To improve your experience, your doctor may utilize soothing treatments like topical numbing lotion or cold gel packs.

Following the treatment, you may notice moderate redness and swelling, comparable to a sunburn. This goes away in a few days.

The expected result of laser rejuvenation treatment is continuing body sculpting throughout and after a series of 1-3 sessions, with apparent benefits after each treatment.

Finally, when your skin naturally reacts to the laser rejuvenation treatment, you may observe gradual improvements in your fine lines, wrinkles, or scars over the next six months.

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Get In Touch With Our ThreeForMe Laser Treatment Experts At PA Aesthetics!

At PA Aesthetics, we are happy to provide our patients with numerous types of treatment to help them look and feel their best in Union County. We think each patient is unique. We make personalized treatment plans to see what works best for you in Union County.

Our highly trained team in NJ is committed to delivering minimally invasive laser rejuvenation treatment techniques to offer you the desired outcomes with little to no recovery time. Contact us now at 908-768-3400 for more information about our services or to book a consultation in Fanwood, NJ.

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