Wrinkle Treatment Treatment Details

A lifetime of expressing your emotions often results in years’ worth of facial lines and wrinkles, but you don’t have to accept these typical signs of aging. Dr. Rabin Rozehzadeh and Dr. Arash Gohari of Park Avenue Aesthetics in South Plainfield, New Jersey, offer effective wrinkle treatment options so you can look and feel younger again. Continue to be expressive, but minimize your wrinkles without invasive surgeries or extensive downtime. Call for an appointment or schedule one using the online booking tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes wrinkles?
Wrinkles are the result of years of aging, sun exposure, and repeated facial muscle movements like furrowing your brow or squinting. Even a simple thing like drinking from a straw, can cause repeated use of muscles around your mouth and contribute to fine lines around your lips.

Other factors that promote wrinkles include smoking, heredity, and skin type. If you have light skin and blue eyes, you’re more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun than those with darker skin.

As you age, your also skin gets thinner and wrinkles appear as fine surface lines, such as the crow’s feet around the eyes, and as deep furrows such as those on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

What wrinkle treatments are available?
There are many different options available for treating wrinkles and the signs of aging. Topical wrinkle treatments are helpful at minimizing fine lines, while deeper creases often respond better to cosmetic injections like Botox®, which temporarily paralyze muscle movement to prevent wrinkles from forming. Another option that works well for deeper wrinkles are dermal fillers that Dr. Rozehzadeh and Dr. Gohari inject under your skin to fill in creases.

Laser skin treatments and organic facial peels are yet an additional way to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The doctors often recommend a combination of methods that will work best to help you achieve the anti-aging results you desire.

What questions should I ask about wrinkle treatments?
It’s always a good idea to be informed about the particular treatments you get. Dr. Rozehzadeh and Dr. Gohari and the experienced team at Park Avenue Aesthetics explains each option that’s right for you and answers any questions you have including:

  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • Will there be any side effects?
  • How long will the results last?
  • How many treatments will I need?
  • How should I prepare for my wrinkle-reducing treatment?
  • Will there be any downtime after the treatment?

To get answers to all of your questions about anti-wrinkle treatments, it’s best to schedule an appointment using the online system, or call the office to set up a consultation.