Treatment Detail

Platelet-rich plasma injections have been used for years to treat everything from muscle injuries to joint pain and tendinitis; however, this same treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing response can also treat hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia. If other hair loss treatments such as minoxidil lotion haven’t given you the fuller results you’re looking for, you may want to consider turning to our physicians for PRP Hair Restoration.

What to Expect from PRP Therapy
If you are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair, PRP therapy may be able to help. This treatment process involves collecting a blood sample from your arm, which is then placed into a centrifuge. The centrifuge will separate out the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood.

PRP contains multiple growth factors including platelet-derived growth factors and epidermal growth factors, which are responsible for stimulating hair follicles. This procedure is designed to simply stimulate the follicles that you already have, not create new ones.

A local anesthetic is then applied to the areas of the scalp prior to treatment. Once the area is numb, our highly trained esthetician will guide a dermaroller over the scalp. The dermaroller contains several tiny needles, which produce microtrauma to the skin. This is what stimulates the body’s natural healing process. From there, PRP is then injected into the treatment areas.

Seeing Results with PRP Therapy
In just 90 days after treatment, many patients saw a visible increase in hair density and reported no hair loss in just 2-3 weeks after their first session. Patients saw a nearly 40 percent increase in hair density in just one year after their first treatment session. Most patients will require multiple treatments spaced about 4-6 weeks apart, followed by maintenance treatments every few months to manage results.

Good Candidates for PRP Therapy for Hair Loss
If you are dealing with hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia (AGA), which affects both men and women, then you could see effective results from PRP therapy. Those with hair loss at the top or front of their head are more likely to be dealing with hair loss caused by AGA. Fortunately, PRP therapy may be able to help.

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