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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Acne Scar Removal Treatment In Garwood, NJ!

If you’re someone who suffers from regular blackheads, you must have experienced acne scars once in a while. Individuals who suffer from seasonal acne in Union County experience scars that fade away & get fixed over time with a regular skincare routine.

However, not in all cases, acne scars vanish over time without any prescribed skincare routine. In most cases, acne scars are almost permanent & cause immense skin inflammation.

In medical terminology, acne scars are the results of inflammation caused in the epidermis & dermis layer of the skin. As the severity and type of acne vary from individual to individual, no single acne scar removal treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Acne scars are primarily the body’s repair mechanism. The depth & pigment shade of the acne scar depends on the individual’s DNA & how the body acts during recovery. The level of collagen in the body also determines the depth of the acne scars, along with many other genetic criterias.

Like any botox & wrinkle treatment, acne scar removal in Garwood, NJ works best for the patients if professional acne scar removal treatment is given by experienced doctors practicing in Union County.

Nonetheless, as a reputed & certified acne scar removal cosmetic medical practitioner, at PA Aesthetics, we have listed down the types of acne scars we commonly treat in Garwood, NJ.

Types Of Acne Scars Patients Report In Union County

Dr. Rabin Rozehzadeh, MD, assisted by Shelby Rusnack, is an acne scar removal expert at PA Aesthetics and have listed four types of scars. They also suggest using micro-needling, skin revitalization, and laser rejuvenation treatment for acne scar removal.

The four types of acne scars commonly found in individuals in Garwood, NJ are as follows:

1) Rolling Scars

At PA Aesthetics, we treat many patients having rolling scars. Rolling scars are scars that have sloping edges. One can easily distinguish them, as they are usually formed in the lower cheeks & jaws because of bands of scar tissue that form under the epidermis layer of skin.

Rolling scars might give an uneven, grumpy, and wavy look. At PA Aesthetics, after studying the severity of the rolling scar, we ideally go with micro-needling, chemical peeling, and laser rejuvenation treatment.Furthermore, to diminish the visibility of scars, our professionals use skin revitalization & botox fillers to enhance the skin glow.

2) Boxcar Scars

Boxcar scars are one of the most common atrophic acne scar that usually leaves a box-like scar on the face. It’s a depressed scar that heals below the dermis layer of the skin. Boxcar scars acne happen to individuals prone to highly inflammatory & oily skin and individuals who squeeze the acne before it completely gets healed.

The expert dermatologists at PA Aesthetics use micro-needling (derma rolling), chemical peels, and dermabrasion techniques to treat the boxcar scars. In some cases, med spa, botox filler, and laser rejuvenation treatment are used to diminish the scar.

3) Ice Pick Scars

Ice pick scars are one of the most severe and visually disturbing scars that cause a pity appearance to the face. Dermatologists prefer an almost similar procedure of wrinkle treatment to fix ice-pick scars.

At PA Aesthetics, our dermatologist goes with Punch Excision & Grafting for acne removal treatment in Garwood, NJ, depending on the depth of the scars.

For unversed, punch grafting is a skin revitalization technique in which the scar gets removed, and instead of stitching, experts glue a skin graft of the backside ear.

4) Hypertrophic Scars

All the scars discussed above are atrophic scars that damage the skin below the surface layer. However, hypertrophic scars are the opposite of them. These are the scars caused by raised lumps of collagen in scar tissue.

People having high melanin pigment in the skin are prone to hypertrophic acne scars. In simple words, dark skin individuals suffer from hypertrophic scars in Union County. To treat hypertrophic scars, at PA Aesthetics, our dermatologist uses Corticosteroid injections to soften the scar tissue & flatten it down.

The injections work in the same way as botox fillers. The only difference is botox tightens the skin as an effective wrinkle treatment. Another way of treating this is a laser rejuvenation treatment. Irrespective of the quality of medicines & treatment, the success of acne scar removal treatment mainly depends on the proficiency & expertise of the doctor.

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Therefore, hiring a reputed team is necessary to get effective results for acne scar removal treatment in Garwood, NJ.

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